8 elements you need in your Brand guide.

To get an easier understanding let’s start by having a clear definition of what lies behind the word “Branding”

Branding is a marketing practice where a company creates a name,design or symbol to easily identify them. There are many ways which are used to improve on a brand such as customer services,reputation, advertising, promotional merchandise and many more.

Brand guides are a set of rules that tell one how a brand work and the standards it follows to maintain the identify of a Brand across all aspects of the Business.

A few key details to include when creating your Brand Guide;


This is the foundation as to why you want to bring this idea into life. Your brand story has to be unique and have an attachment of how it’s going to help customers. Allow the customer to understand your product or service in the most simplified way.


To bring your idea into life you will begin with listing a few colors,logo styles and shapes, these will help you make sure your logo is used appropriately, work closely with your designer to get out the best incase any adjustments need to be made it’s done easily.

In order to make your logo recognizable it has to be consistent. This is because you don’t want your brand to be confused with another brand this will then remove the factor of uniqueness to the brand.


Brand colors exist in various forms including; primary colors,secondary colors, RGB colors{web} and CMYK colors{print}. After selecting the specific colors you want for your brand, put them aside so that you can play around the selected colors, these colors that will be used in all your designs, be it your shirts,brochures and other items.


Typography is another important element, its key to get the right type of font to use because this is how you express your brand. Pick different fonts that you and your designer agree on, the different fonts selected would serve different purposes like maybe as a header and anything else.


Don’t forget things like social media platforms,websites layouts,email signatures and other necessary areas to get needed outreach. This is more like what are you trying to communicate and how are you trying to communicate it.


A summarized and detailed paragraph talking about core values about the company try as much as possible to be honest and transparent when writing this because this area will help the customer to understand your mission.


The Documentation and creation of your brand is a very delicate step,this is an overall image of your company, Brand identity is a difficult task to do especially considering doing it as an individual. This is why it’s important to use a professional agency that has broad knowledge when it comes to brand guidelines.


Your tone of voice describes how your brand communicates with the audience. In whatever way you communicate whether it’s through an email or a facebook message make sure to be as polite as you can, because the reputation you keep between you and your customer is as important . 

Your brand is your way of expression, take care of it and understand the growing process step by step and the best will come out of it.

If you are looking for the right agency to take care of your brand and make it stand out.

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